1 in 5 New Jersey nursing homes do not meet federal staffing standards

Fewer than one in five New Jersey nursing homes meet new federal staffing standards, according to a new report from the nonprofit health care group KFF.

Nearly 10,000 nursing home residents have died in New Jersey from illnesses linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, including hundreds in state-run veterans homes.

The federal government last month passed new rules requiring facilities across the country to have more nurses and health care aides on duty.

KFF says New Jersey is one of the lagging states.

“Nationally, fewer than one in five nursing homes meet all three requirements of the final nursing home rule, and in New Jersey, that share is even lower, at about 15 percent,” says Priya Chidambaram, KFF Senior Policy Officer.

Retirement homes will have five years to comply with the new standards. Industry analysts say the cost of hiring new nurses and caregivers will likely cause nursing home prices to rise more than usual.