Bronco Cradles | Morrison and Driscoll Room – Double Room

In Bronco Cribs, we give YOU exclusive access to the vibrant student living spaces of Boise State University. Today we enter the cozy home of Maia, a first-year civil engineering student from Arizona. Despite the demands of her demanding major, Maia found the perfect balance between studies and social life, making her residency experience truly unforgettable.

Video Transcript – Bronco Cradles | Morrison and Driscoll Double Room with Maia

Maia’s dorm of choice is Driscoll Hall, a bustling residence hall where she has carved out her own niche. “Driscoll’s size is also helpful for building community: it’s small, so you can easily meet people just by walking through your lobby. You get to know most of the people in your room, which is really cool.

What sets Driscoll Hall apart from Maia? “My favorite thing about Driscoll is the community I have here. There’s a common area where we always go to chat and there are always plans every night to go meet up there and watch movies. Cookies and milk nights and hot chocolate get-togethers hosted by resident assistants (RAs) fostered a sense of belonging, while chance encounters in the hallways blossomed into lasting friendships.

Here’s what Maia wants people to know: Driscoll Hall isn’t just a dorm; it’s a vibrant community where friendships flourish and unforgettable experiences await. So whether you’re a future Bronco considering moving to Driscoll Hall or just a fellow student considering visiting us, we invite you to discover what makes life on Boise State’s campus truly special. Take the first step toward your Boise State journey by checking out other Bronco Cribs adventures and start imagining your own slice of Bronco life today!

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