Nikki Haley’s four-word message on Israeli bomb sparks outrage

Amid the war between Israel and Hamas, former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s four-word message about Israeli artillery shells made its way onto social media and sparked outrage Tuesday.

Division remains over the U.S. response to the war between Israel and Hamas, which began after the Palestinian militant group launched a surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7, killing 1,200 people and taking about 240 hostages. Israel then launched its heaviest airstrikes in its history on Gaza. More than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed, according to Gaza’s health ministry. The rising death toll has led to international calls for a ceasefire and multiple protests at American universities.

On Monday, Haley, the former South Carolina governor who also served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Donald Trump, visited Israel where she met with survivors of the attack on Hamas. Haley traveled to Israel’s northern border with Israeli Knesset member Danny Danon, who posted photos on Tuesday to X, formerly Twitter, showing Haley signing her name with the message “Finish them! America ( heart drawing) Israel” to Israeli artillery. shells.

“This is what my friend, former Ambassador Nikki Haley, wrote today about a shell during a visit to an artillery post on the northern border,” Danon wrote in Hebrew according to Google Translate.

It comes as Haley called on the US government to continue providing military aid to the Israeli government to support its war against Hamas, telling reporters during her visit that the US “must do whatever Israel needs and stop telling them how to fight this war.” “.

Nikki Haley
American politician Nikki Haley during a visit to the “Nova” festival site on May 27, 2024, in Re’eim, Israel. Amid the war between Israel and Hamas, former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s four-word message on Israeli artillery…

Amir Lévy/Getty Images

However, the photos have since made their way onto social media on Tuesday, with some taking to X to criticize Haley for her post.

News week contacted Haley via email for comment.

Co-director of Standing Together, a Jewish-Arab movement for peace, equality and social justice in Israel, Alon-Lee Green wrote on visited the West Bank settlements, then signed on a bomb “finish them.” Just disgusting. Can you please take it back? We already have a certain Ben Gvir and we don’t need your dirty promotion of politicians either! »

Discreet, podcast host for Mint Press News, an independent journalism site, wrote: “Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley signs Israeli bombs destined for Gaza and Lebanon with words ‘finish -THE “. The caliber of “diplomats” offered by the American empire in its advanced phase. »

X user Dr. Omar Suleiman also took aim at Haley, calling her actions “moral depravity.”

“While Americans watch Israel burn Gaza alive and Palestinian children beheaded, Nikki Haley writes love notes about bombs falling on civilians. Let the world witness your moral depravity…” writes Suleiman on X.

Additionally, civil rights attorney and Civil Rights Corps founder Alec Karakatsanis wrote: “The post Nikki Haley is writing about Israeli bombs is one of the most depraved things I have ever seen. »

Meanwhile, Haley shared her own photos from her visit on X, describing the October 7 attack and saying Israel should not accept this.

“Early on October 7, residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz woke up to horror. As their homes burned, terrorists massacred entire families inside, including babies and grandparents. They heard the cries of their neighbors being set on fire and burned alive. What was left was “They were robbed, pillaged and destroyed. One in four neighbors has been murdered or taken hostage in Gaza. No other country would accept this, neither would Israel,” Haley said.

This comes after Haley, who was the former president’s longest-running Republican challenger in the 2024 GOP presidential primary season and dropped out on March 6, said last week that she would vote for Trump in the 2024 election. 2024.

During an appearance at an event hosted by the conservative think tank Hudson Institute on May 22, she said she would vote for Trump despite their past animosity, because President Joe Biden “has been a disaster.”

“I have set my priorities on a president who will support our allies and hold our enemies accountable who will secure the border,” Haley said. “Trump hasn’t been perfect on these policies. I’ve made that clear many times… But Biden has been a disaster. So, I’ll vote for Trump.”

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is expected to face Biden in a rematch in November.