Woman Left Shocked After Man She Met On Hinge Arranged Public Proposal On First Date

  • Annika Osterlund, 21, posted a TikTok video of her proposal on May 27.
  • She and her unidentified date had their first date at Madison Square Park
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A content creator appeared head over heels for her date with Hinge who asked her to marry him as they walked through Madison Square Park.

Annika Osterlund, 21, posted a viral video on TikTok on May 27 in which she said yes to a proposal made by a man during their first date.

Osterlund’s date, who she did not identify in the video, got down on one knee and popped the question while the emotional TikToker smiled.

The newly engaged couple happily walked away, but Osterlund revealed in a follow-up TikTok video that she and her Hinge date would not be getting married.

“I should probably start by saying that we were both involved; we decided to do this together,” she wrote in the comments section of her proposal video.

Content creator Annika Osterland, 21, posted several TikTok videos yesterday centered around a fake proposal she and her Hinge date made at Madison Square Park.

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Osterlund has been regularly posting videos on her YouTube (@AnnikaOsterlund) and TikTok (@bigfishenergy) accounts for almost 10 years.

The Massachusetts native currently lives in New York, where her date with Hinge jokingly asked her to marry him.

They both casually strolled through Madison Square Park while Osterlund held a small bouquet of flowers before her date got down on one knee.

Many park visitors surrounding them started clapping and cheering after hearing her say yes to his fake marriage proposal.

Osterlund’s date then pumped her fist in the air right after she shared what she revealed in another TikTok video to be their first kiss.

“If you saw me get engaged at Madison Square Park yesterday, know that it was a first date with Hinge, and when we kissed after saying yes, it was the first time we kissed” , she wrote in the video.

The unidentified man in Osterlund’s video had a smile as big as Osterlund’s, and a passerby at the park on a bench even gave him a high-five after the proposal.

Osterlund and her date seemed to be getting along well in the video, but their possible romance may already be over.

Osterlund admitted in the comments section of one of his videos that the proposal was his idea, but he bought the ring himself.

Osterlund actively engaged in the comments left by TikTokers on the videos she posted yesterday, particularly those written about her and the joke about her date with Hinge.

According to the TikTok user, her date with Hinge lives on the other side of the country.

“My man actually lives in San Diego so I may never see him again which makes things even crazier,” she wrote in a comments section yesterday.

One person who commented on the proposal video even asked Osterlund how many times her partner had done this, to which she replied “probably never.”

Osterlund also revealed that he bought the ring himself, but she didn’t know where he got it.

Several TikTokers who commented on the videos congratulated her on what they thought was a real engagement.

A few TikTokers were hoping Osterlund and his unidentified date were still dating. However, she confirmed that he lives in California and probably won’t see him again.

“It’s such a cure as the first kiss. You have the mental preparation and it’s also silly and goofy,” one commenter wrote in their proposal video.

TikTokers barely wrote about being a Hinge date, but one person wanted to find a successful relationship on the dating app.

“Makes me want to come back to Hinge so I can find someone to do this with,” the commenter wrote.

Other users welcomed the proposal on her three TikTok videos she posted yesterday, and one person even wished Osterlund and her fake fiancé would have “a long and thriving relationship.”