Gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird says ready to serve WA

Gubernatorial candidate Bird said he does not regret the decision that resulted in his recall from public office in 2023.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Unlike other top fundraising candidates for Washington governor, Republican Semi Bird does not have a long history of elected office.

Voters recalled him from the only public office he held, a position on the Richland School Board, in 2023.

But Bird, who received the Washington State Republican Party’s endorsement for governor last month, noted that he has served his country for most of his life.

This, he said, is what prepared him to serve Washington state.

Bird dropped out of high school and joined the Marines at age 17. He later joined the United States Army and received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Medal for his combat service in Iraq.

If elected, Bird has said on his first day in office that he would order independent audits of all state agencies.

“To discover and take responsibility for how we spend our money. How do all our programs and offices work? Are we getting the most out of our tax dollars? I submit that is not the case,” Bird said.

He said the state would no longer be considered a sanctuary state.

Bird said he would end state support for undocumented residents.

“This is the stress that is weighing on our economy. It’s the strain on our systems that’s costing us a lot of money, and I have compassion, but shouldn’t we prioritize our own citizens who are struggling? said Bird.

He wants to declare a state of emergency regarding homelessness in the state and activate the Washington National Guard to establish field hospitals in rural areas to provide housing and counseling to homeless people.

“Let’s bring these resources, to bring these infrastructure and these services to our own family members who are slowly dying on the streets and in the misery of addiction, where they can’t make these decisions for themselves, and let’s give them an opportunity,” Bird said.

Bird served on the Richland school board before voters recalled him in 2023.

In 2021, he voted to make COVID-19 masks optional in schools for students and staff. He said he did not regret the decision.

“Because children were dying. We had the highest suicide rate. Giving parents the opportunity to parent in light of a mandate rather than a law,” Bird said. “I have taken a stand to preserve the lives of our children.”

Bird has a criminal history.

In 1993, he pleaded guilty to a bank robbery charge after using his father’s personal information to apply for credit.

He hopes voters won’t blame him for what happened 31 years ago.

“People make mistakes, we are imperfect. Myself, as governor, I am not going to do that to people. Because we have people who have fallen and I won’t be there to pick them up,” Bird said.

Bird has said he will vote for Donald Trump for president in the November general election.

“I do not agree with President Trump’s leadership style. I don’t agree with President Trump’s communication style, but I’m voting for him because he is the best candidate to get the job done,” Bird said.

Although Bird declared himself pro-life, he said he would not sign a statewide ban on the procedure without voter approval.