Biden plans to temporarily close the southern border to curb the flow of migrants

Laura Barron-López:

Multiple Hill sources told me that members of the Hispanic Caucus leadership met with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as White House staff, last week at the White House.

They talked about this next decree. They also pressured the president, saying they would like him to consider other executive actions that could essentially expand work permits for migrants already in the United States. They also expressed concerns about the president’s outreach efforts to Latino voters.

And some Hispanic lawmakers told me they ultimately fear that this executive order, along with the language in the bipartisan border bill that a number of Democrats supported in the Senate, will set a standard for actions future, future asylum actions which could be more severe. , more restrictive.

Now, once again, the president is balancing those concerns with those of moderate Democrats who face potentially tough reelections and who want tougher measures at the border, as well as attacks from Republicans who falsely claim, Amna, to generate support among their supporters. According to this basis, violent crime has increased because of immigration, even though the data does not show this.

And to get a sense of where voters rank, an April 2024 Gallup poll found that immigration was the top issue facing the United States for Americans surveyed, ahead of the economy. And immigration, Amna, has repeatedly been a top issue for many voters so far this year.