Rotana Khalejia launches new program inspired by Crown Prince’s vision

Aired weekly on Rotana Khalejia every Saturday at 8 p.m. Saudi Arabia time, ‘Maseerat Tuwaiq’ presents a mix of news and reports in a summary format, covering both public and private sector entities.

Rotana Khalejia Channel announced the launch of its new program Maserat Touwaiq, inspired by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Prime Minister. The program was inspired by his statement comparing the will and strength of the Saudis to the unshakable Tuwaiq Mountain, symbolizing their indomitable spirit: “The determination of the Saudis is like the Tuwaiq Mountain, unbreakable. »

Maserat Touwaiq serves as a media platform that documents the achievements of Saudi Vision 2030 in various sectors through figures and statistics. The program highlights major achievements, key initiatives and transformations, promoting positive values. It chronicles the journey of development, progress and innovation, encouraging viewers to participate in the Kingdom’s path of growth and modernization. The show also emphasizes the critical role of government entities, inspiring public participation in Saudi Arabia’s development.

The program celebrates significant transformations and achievements within the Kingdom, covering areas such as economy, infrastructure, culture, education, health, tourism, entertainment and pioneering businesses. It chronicles the successes of Saudis across sectors, inspiring audiences with a global perspective on local challenges. In addition, Maserat Touwaiq highlights the dynamic spirit of modern Saudi society and highlights the empowerment of Saudi women in all fields.

Maserat Touwaiq airs weekly on Rotana Khalejia every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. KSA time and is hosted by Ghada Musalli. The show features a mix of news and reports in summary form, covering both public and private sector entities. Experts and specialists comment and offer in-depth insight into the reports.

A special segment of Maserat Touwaiq is dedicated to covering major topics or events, with in-depth reporting and qualitative analysis. The main segment of each episode features a live interview with a government official to discuss the strategic aspects of one of the Kingdom’s major projects.