Introducing the Stormy Knight: an electric jet ski inspired by the Batmobile – The Watercraft Journal

Although we’ve all had moments daydreaming about what it would be like to live like Bruce Wayne, Black Widow, or Tony Stark, we generally know that these fantasies are impossible to achieve in the real world. That is, until the release of “Stormy Knight,” an electric jet ski inspired by the Batmobile allowing a few lucky buyers to take to the water like the Dark Knight himself.

The Stormy Knight watercraft was made as a collaboration between Silicon Valley-based sports craft company T3MP3ST and Warner Bros. luxury brand, Wayne Enterprises, in a limited edition of 27 units. This stylish watercraft is an electronic exploration vehicle packed with cutting-edge technology and high-performance engineering to create a truly one-of-a-kind fantasy riding experience.

Priced at $250,000, the Stormy Knight is a four-passenger ski measuring four meters of carbon fiber and stainless steel, a design engineered for optimal durability and performance. It has a 100 kWh modular battery and a 350 hp electric motor, reaching speeds of more than 85 mph and a battery life of six hours.

It also has an incredibly high-tech user interface, including standalone navigation capabilities from Garmin systems and iOS and Apple Watch voice control integration, allowing runners to feel like they have their own Alfred (Batman’s butler) to guide them along the way.

All this technology and performance is impressive, but perhaps the Stormy Knight’s biggest appeal is its styling. The sleek craftsmanship looks like it came straight from a multi-billionaire’s dock, and you can see the superhero influences that accompany cutting-edge engineering with every curve and accessory.

According to the Wayne Enterprises website, Stormy Knight is “the epitome of aquatic luxury…Precision engineered for the ultimate adventure and engineered for performance, each ride promises an unparalleled experience blending the cutting-edge technology of T3MP3ST with the distinctive taste of M .Wayne. »

Discover the Stormy Knight on the BruceWayneX website to see the full video demonstrating this comic book marvel.