Letter: Participants and organizers organized a high-class event | Notice

To the Editor — While volunteering at the recent 1B, 2B, 1A National Track and Field Competition held at Zaepfel Stadium, I would like to comment on my observations.

I had a job that allowed me to interact with many athletes and spectators. What I observed was that several hundred high school athletes were participating in the event and they were representing their schools well.

Most of them were very polite and considerate to the officials and each other. They competed in their events and then congratulated their opponents once the event was over. They demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship. As a volunteer, I was thanked by many of them as well as by the spectators I was able to meet during the three days.

The days were long and tiring, but every minute spent there was well worth it. I take my hat off to the organizers of the event. It went well and certainly deserves the honor of hosting the competition for the next four years. I will look forward to helping again.

Thank you everyone for making this event fun.