Former Auburn football star favorite for QB1 in NFL’s worst QB room

Former Auburn football star Bo Nix is ​​the Denver Broncos’ favorite to start under center in the 2024 season according to James Palmer; who called Sean Payton’s quarterback room the worst in the NFL.

“Let’s first say it’s early, but this is probably the worst quarterback room in football. Now, that may change after this season. But that’s just about the backgrounds of the guys in the room,” he said. Palmer told host Kay Adams. the Up and Adams podcast (h/t Mile High Huddle). “But the favorite is Bo Nix because I really believe in him, and it’s outside the norm for Sean Payton to play rookies at any position, but if you look at everything that’s happening in Denver, the number one thing they need to understand this season is if Bo Nix was the right choice at 12 – that’s it. That’s the goal of the 2024 season in Denver. Was it the right play, because they were about the only team, as I called it around, that was going to pick Bo Nix in that area.

Of course, Denver’s QB room is the worst at the moment, since by Palmer’s own admission, the favorite is unproven. Nix was the lowest drafted QB in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft 12th overall. By the end of the season, however, there’s a good chance the Broncos will get more production from the position than the Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Washington Commanders or even the Chicago Bears – who also probably all rely on recruits.

Nix isn’t alone as the only Auburn alum in the Broncos’ QB room. Former Tiger Jarrett Stidham joins him, and the Texas-born gunslinger could be Nix’s biggest competition in the Mile High City to start for Payton.

Once considered a potential candidate for reductionStidham has been impressive in OTAs and comes in with more momentum than Zach Wilson, who is coming off a disastrous stint with the New York Jets.

There’s a better chance than not that Denver’s starting QB in 2024 will come from the Plains.