Bears could send message to NFL with strong start to 2024

The Chicago Bears will host the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season, and this appears to be a must-win from the start. Starting the season off strong with a new offense led by rookie quarterback Caleb Williams is very important. This could be the key to having a good year.

One of the biggest reasons Chicago needs to win this first game is what happens next in Week 2. The Houston Texans look like a team that could soon be among the best in the NFL, where CJ Stroud is closer to the top five quarterbacks. .

If the Bears were to beat the Texans in prime time, they would send a massive message to the rest of the NFL that they have arrived. No one outside of Chicago expects the Bears to be great, but everyone knows they have a higher ceiling this year.

Getting a big win against the Texans would show that the defense has done a pretty good job of containing Stroud and Houston’s offense. It would also mean that Williams and his arsenal of weapons have impressed. That sounds good to a fan base yearning for a team that can win with consistency.

If the Bears enter 2024 with the same momentum they finished 2023 with, they will continue where they left off. There is even more talent on the roster, which makes it even better. If they can beat the Texans and start 2-0, they might be able to beat just about anyone on the schedule. Approaching this 2024 season is very promising knowing that there is no shortage of winnable matches on the program.

The story was originally published on Bears Wire