Latest Pixel feature update adds editing of sent messages

Following the latest Android 15 beta, Google has announced new features coming with its May Pixel feature update. Some improvements are already hitting eligible devices, including the new feature for editing sent messages, while others are expected to be released in the coming months.

Undo message on Google Messages and the new Emoji Kitchen

Of the seven new features, the most notable is an editing tool on the Google Messages app. The feature allows users to edit sent RCS messages up to 15 minutes after the message is sent. This is a similar feature already popular in the iMessage app on iPhone.

You will first need to enable RCS to use the feature and work on at least Android 8. To start editing a sent message, users simply need to tap hold on the message. Modified messages are then labeled as “Modified”, so the other line knows.

Pixel features removed from Android in May

The latest version of Android May Pixel Feature Drop offers editing function for messages, hot spots and smart home widgets. / ©Google

Emoji Kitchen is a new update coming soon to messaging apps on Android. This is basically a feature we first saw on iOS that lets you mix and mash emojis. This is built into the Gboard Android app, so you can use it with third-party messaging apps outside of Google Messages.

Internet sharing without problems

Google is also adding an Instant Hotspot feature, which should arrive soon. As the name suggests, it allows you to connect your other devices like a Chromebook laptop or Android tablet to your phone’s cellular data connection with just one click from your smartphone.

Additionally, a call switching feature is also integrated into the same settings as the hotspot tool, allowing you to quickly switch devices during a Meet video call.

A smarter home on your Android phone and watch

The update also receives upgrades to the Google Home app. For Pixel and Android smartphones running a public preview version of the Google Home app, they will be able to add favorite smart device widgets to the home screen. This gives faster access to manage and monitor these smart home devices.

Google Pixel Feature Drop Update in May

The latest Android May Pixel Feature Drop update also adds smart home widgets for Wear OS and PayPal support in the Wallet app. / ©Google

A similar feature will also be available on Android smartwatches via the Wear OS version of the app. For example, you can add a toggle shortcut as a tile or complication on your watch face.

Pay with Google Wallet on your wrist

Another feature already available is support for PayPal on the Google Wallet app on Wear OS. You can integrate PayPal into the digital wallet app from the phone and start paying with a tap of your smartwatch.

Google says this product is currently available in the US and Germany, but it hasn’t confirmed when it will roll out to other countries.

Android digital car key expanded to more vehicles

Along with the update, Google announced that Android Digital Car Key will also expand to more vehicle brands. As a result, it is planned to roll it out on select Mercedes-Benz and Polestar models soon.

Many of these May Pixel Drop update features are expected to come to Google’s Pixel smartphones and smartwatches first, while it depends on OEMs on when to adopt these improvements.

Do you use Google Messages on your device? Have you tried the new editing feature? Share your experience with us in the comments.