Gino Palazzolo Hints Jasmine Pineda ‘Can’t Stop Lying’ Amid Rumors She Left Him For Another Man

90 Day Fiance viewers accuse Jasmine Pineda of lying, and her ex-husband Gino Palazzolo agrees that she “can’t stop.”

For months, rumors have been circulating that Jasmine and Gino’s marriage is failing.

Jasmine allegedly cheated on Gino with a man she met at Planet Fitness, and the Panama native is reportedly living with her new beau after Gino kicked her out of his Michigan home.

Although Jasmine has refused to discuss her private life on social media, her online activity has provided many clues about the state of her marriage.

Jasmine filmed herself alongside a mystery man she affectionately called “Chihuahua” and recently uploaded photos that match those of her rumored boyfriend, Matt Branis.

Amid all the chatter online that Jasmine, 37, and Gino, 53, have split, Gino is speaking out and throwing major shade at his estranged wife.