Hemorrhage, shock killed: autopsy | News from India

Hemorrhage, shock killed: autopsy |  News from India

BENGALURU: S Renuka Swamy, suffered 15 injuries and died due to shock and haemorrhage, an autopsy revealed. The 34-year-old man died due to internal bleeding caused by injuries to the head and other parts, according to the autopsy conducted at Victoria Hospital.

Swamy was beaten repeatedly for four hours Saturday afternoon in a parking lot for impounded vehicles, police sources said. “The groin was attacked. There was bleeding in the abdomen. There was a strong blow to the head, while other parts were bleeding,” a hospital source said.

Soon after receiving the report on Thursday, a police team seized a mini-truck. The vehicle had already been seized by a bank for non-payment of EMIs and was parked in the yard. The truck was then taken to the police station for further investigation. Police seized wooden logs, a leather belt and a rope from the shed which were allegedly used to fatally torture Swamy.