Thief filmed stealing washing machine in Havana

Thief filmed stealing washing machine in Havana

Surveillance cameras installed in a house Havana captured a man stealing a washing machine from the patio Wednesday evening. Danay Zerquera shared the video on his Facebook wall, seeking help in identifying the thief.

“Early this morning, my mother and my family Cuba were victims of theft. An individual entered through the neighboring house, cut the fence, then broke into my house to steal the washing machine,” Danay explained.

Danay announced a reward for anyone who can identify the man. “What he didn’t expect was to be filmed. I’m making this public so people are aware of these kinds of thieves; what happened to me can happen to you,” he said. she pointed out.

The recording shows a young man dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and a cap, breaking down the fence before taking the washing machine, which he covered with a plastic sheet to protect it rain.

Amid continuing shortages in Cuba, rising crime has left the public on edge. Due to the inefficiency and negligence of the authorities, some residents are taking matters into their own hands by installing surveillance cameras, which have helped identify criminals acting with impunity.

In April, a video surveillance camera installed in a parking lot in El Vedado, Havana, filmed a man stealing electric bike chargers. In February, another man was filmed trying to steal a parked car. The owner of the vehicle shared two photos of the suspect on Facebook, mentioning that the thief arrived in a Moskvitch car.

“Last night (Saturday), this individual in a Moskvitch tried to break into my car by forcing the locks. Fortunately, he was not able to open it but stole the gas tank cap . Stay vigilant,” warned the car owner.

On January 19, a man approached a tricycle parked in front of a house in the municipality of Diez de Octubre, Havana, and removed several items from its trunk before casually leaving with the loot. The theft occurred in broad daylight, according to footage from a camera installed outside a nearby home.

Coping with the rise of theft in Havana

Faced with an increase in thefts and the ineffectiveness of law enforcement, residents are looking for other ways to protect their property. Here are some frequently asked questions about the situation:

Why are flights increasing in Havana?

The increase in thefts is largely attributed to economic shortages and the authorities’ ineffective response to combating crime.

How effective are surveillance cameras in preventing theft?

Surveillance cameras can be very effective in identifying perpetrators and deterring theft, although they do not guarantee prevention.

What should residents do in the event of theft?

Residents should report the theft to authorities, share any surveillance footage on social media to raise awareness, and consider installing security systems.