Emmerdale’s Liam makes romantic mistake as love triangle begins

Emmerdale’s Liam makes romantic mistake as love triangle begins

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh will make a big mistake next week, as he finds himself embroiled in a love triangle with Chas Dingle and newcomer Ella Forster.

Liam and Chas had a fling earlier this year, which resulted in Liam finding a lump in Chas’s chest. After Chas was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment, their passion was put on hold.

However, in scenes airing next week, their connection is revisited as Charity Dingle finally convinces Chas to put everything on the line with Liam, who she still has feelings for.

Liam Cavanagh, Chas Dingle, EmmerdaleLiam Cavanagh, Chas Dingle, Emmerdale


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But Chas will have competition to win Liam’s affections, after Ella was inspired to pursue the doctor following their recent flirtations. When Liam’s ex-wife Leyla Harding assures Ella that Liam only has eyes for her, after misinterpreting a conversation with him earlier, Ella is delighted.

Both Chas and Liam feel ready to finally confess their feelings to each other – before Ella intervenes.

After sharing an unexpected kiss with Ella, Liam feels powerless to resist her when she asks him to become an official couple. Ella is thrilled to be in a relationship with Liam, but Liam feels uneasy after finding himself committed to the wrong person.

Liam Cavanagh, Ella, EmmerdaleLiam Cavanagh, Ella, Emmerdale


ella, liam cavanagh, emmerdaleella, liam cavanagh, emmerdale


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Liam soon explains the whole situation to Leyla, admitting that there has been a huge mix-up. Shocked, Leyla urges him to go out and get Chas immediately, telling him to follow his heart.

Liam feels ready to do whatever it takes to pursue Chas – but will she be willing to take a chance on him? And how will Ella react if she is refused?

chas dingle, liam cavanagh, emmerdalechas dingle, liam cavanagh, emmerdale


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Liam’s complicated love life took another unexpected turn in Monday’s (March 25) episode, after Mandy Dingle kissed him in The Woolpack in front of his partner Paddy as revenge for Paddy’s recent kiss with Chas.

Liam is also embroiled in more Chas-related drama next week when he urges his son, Aaron Dingle, to be honest about his positive result after being tested for the BRCA2 gene, which led to Aaron punching him.

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