“Life here is not easy either”

“Life here is not easy either”

In a video that sparked comments and reactions on Tic Taca Cuban living in the UNITED STATESknown on the platform as @chicadiabla1390sent a message to his compatriots on the island, addressing the perception that life abroad is easy and without challenges.

“We also have our own life here; we have to pay for everything: rent, car, insurance, medical bills, everything is paid for here,” she began in the video. She pointed out that many Cubans on the island believe that those who live abroad are millionaires, but that the reality is different: “We Cubans speculate a lot in Cuba, and it’s not like that” .

In her argument, the young woman mentioned the obstacles encountered by emigrants and compared them to those who remain in the country. Cuba: “There, anyone can give you a plate of food or a bit of rice,” whereas “here, in this country, it’s not like that; you have to fight for yourself, you can’t ask your neighbor,” she illustrated.

The post generated a strong response from the community on TikTok, where he received many comments of support and understanding such as “My hats off to you, my queen”; “You are absolutely right, pure reality”; “Here we work like dogs and have to pay for everything. In Cuba, friends think you have changed”; “It’s the best truth I’ve heard”; “How much truth in your words”; “Very true but many do not understand”, among other things. Some also pointed out that, despite everything, it is possible to progress and have a decent life abroad, while in Cuba, even working is not enough.

“At least here, by working, we can move forward, but in Cuba, it’s not the same, it’s hard”; “It’s true, the only thing is that here we are not hungry like in Cuba,” they told him.

The video ended with an invitation to learn to say “no” when necessary and to set boundaries to avoid compromising one’s own stability in the attempt to help others.

However, this is not the first time such a message has sparked online debate. Recently, the Cuban tiktoker Kuki Acearesident in Spain, recommended: “Do not give a hard time to those who left Cuba as if they were foreigners, exploiting them and asking for gum. Cuban family, be satisfied with what we give. Anyone who left Cuba and arrived in another country has a pretty hard life, the life of an emigrant is pretty hard.”

Another Cuban woman in the United States lamented: “I work like crazy, working overtime to bring gifts, items and clothes to the children, and they don’t appreciate it. They don’t like anything at all; I start with money, and they want more. They want the latest phone of the year, they want designer clothes that I don’t even use, and designer shoes that I don’t even use.

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Challenges faced by Cuban emigrants

In light of the TikTok video and the debate that followed, here are some questions and answers that shed light on the challenges facing Cuban immigrants.

What are the main financial challenges that Cuban emigrants face in the United States?

Cuban emigrants in the United States face significant financial challenges, including high costs of rent, car payments, insurance, and medical bills. Unlike Cuba, where some expenses can be mitigated through community support, emigrants often have to bear all costs themselves.

How do perceptions of life abroad differ from the reality of Cuban immigrants?

Many Cubans on the island believe that life abroad is easy and that emigrants get rich quickly. However, the reality is that emigrants face many challenges and financial burdens that make life far from easy.

What advice did @chicadiabla1390 give to his fellow Cubans regarding borders and stability?

@chicadiabla1390 advised fellow Cubans to learn to say “no” when necessary and to set boundaries to avoid compromising their own stability while trying to help others.