Glenn Germany remembers church shooter caught on camera

A pastor who was nearly killed in a shocking incident caught on camera this week recalled in a Fox News interview that he had a brush with death and immediately forgave the would-be shooter.

Video from Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in Pennsylvania on Sunday showed a man entering the church during a service and pointing a gun directly at a named pastor Glenn Germany. The pastor immediately dove for cover as the shooter continued to advance. Someone ran from the audience and then tackled the shooter, and the pastor quickly joined in to disarm the man.

Pastor Germany said he heard a click from the gun, meaning a jam or that the safety was on. A police officer later showed him that the gun was indeed loaded.

“The officer who actually dislodged the chamber showed us the bullet, showed us the markings and said, ‘that bullet had your name on it,'” Germany said. Steve Doocy on Fox and friends.

The pastor said he was “grateful to God” and revealed he had spoken to his would-be shooter and forgiven him twice.

“I forgave him because some in the congregation were upset, but I had to ask them to step aside and let me talk to him one-on-one, and I let him know I had forgiven him “, did he declare.

The shooter said he heard voices that prompted him to kill the pastor, according to Germany.

“I forgive

you, I love you, my name is Glenn Germany, and I want you to remember my name and if I can help in any way, I would like to help,” he recalled telling the man.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 first reported on the incident and revealed that the suspect had been identified as 26 years old. Bernard Poli. He reportedly told police that “Gold told him to do it.”

Following the church incident, police found a body at Polite’s home. The man, who was close to Polite, had been shot dead. Polite is in custody and awaits a hearing this month.

Watch above via Fox News.