A T-shirt managed to stop a self-driving car in a strange test

Self-driving cars are smart, and getting smarter, but they’re clearly not there yet.

In the United States, a man managed to stop a self-driving car using a simple (but clever) trick.

The test seems strange and comical, but it actually raises some questions.

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Jason Carr, a man in the United States, was able to stop a self-driving car by simply wearing a T-shirt that read “STOP”.

Specifically, the T-shirt he wore was black, with an image of the “STOP” sign we see every day printed on it.

All it took was stopping a car operated by Waymo, a ride-sharing service that only uses self-driving cars.

This “test” may sound like a farce, and indeed it is, but it also puts a giant elephant right in the middle of the room, and we need to do something about it.

Indeed, it goes without saying, a human driver would not have stopped.

A human driver might have been surprised by the sign, might have slowed down, might have waved at the guy wearing the T-shirt using just one finger, or maybe the human driver would just have laughed.

Regardless, the human driver would not have stopped.

The car did so, and it only resumed its journey when Mr. Carr drove away.

This shows that there is still a long way to go, even if automakers are making rapid progress with self-driving cars.

Tesla, for example, recently celebrated a milestone with more than a billion kilometers traveled with FSDits fully autonomous driving mode.

But problems remain, as we quickly realize that robots can be smarter and outperform humans in many ways.

No human is capable of doing what Disney’s “stunt robots” can do, for example.

At the same time, as this unorthodox test shows, robots can still be quite stupid.