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We know that music can affect human moods, but did you know that animals can benefit from it too? Recent studies have shed light on the surprising ways in which different species respond to musical stimuli. From cows harmonizing to Beethoven symphonies to dogs relaxing to the beat of reggae, animals’ reactions to music are as diverse as they are intriguing. Unveiling these musical preferences not only offers insight into the emotional lives of our animal companions, but also raises questions about the universality of music’s calming effects.

1. This wild fox loves the banjo

Source: Le Dodo/YouTube

In Colorado, in the foothills of Boulder, a man who loves music spent his days outside writing music and playing for the various animals in his backyard. He “played for any animal that would listen.” But one animal in particular particularly appreciated his music: Foxy the fox. The creature came almost every day to listen to the man play. So he decided to try different instruments and sounds to see what Foxy liked best.

2. Smithsonian Zoo Musical Experience

Source: Scripps News/YouTube

The Smithsonian Zoo was looking for a way to enrich its animals and keep their minds sharp. So they gave the mammal musical instruments to play. What’s interesting is that it was a sensory experience they could never have had in nature — and they really enjoyed it!

3. Classic cows

Source: Spirella/YouTube

Cows are curious and intelligent creatures, so it’s no wonder they love music. In this case, they particularly liked the sound of classical music played on the violin. As the musician played the song, the cows began to gather.

4. Adopting a music-obsessed dog

Source: Le Dodo/YouTube

A very musical couple saw a video of a foster puppy named Birks singing along to music. Before being placed in foster care, Birks was found as a stray dog ​​in Korea. At the New York rescue center, he headed to a very musical home where his love for music grew more and more. He even sings!

5. Elephant rescued

Source: Le Dodo/YouTube

At an elephant rescue center in Thailand, a pianist named Paul Barton wows the giant residents with his musical abilities. Often he finds them waiting at the piano so he starts playing for them. At Elephants World, they rescue elephants and give them the life they always deserved, including musical entertainment.

Music has a profound impact on everyone, especially the animals pictured above. If you’re a pet parent, try putting on some music and see how your furry friend reacts!

Animals are my favorite people by Tiny Rescue: Animal CollectionAnimals are my favorite people by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection
Animals are my favorite people by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

Animals are my favorite people by Tiny Rescue: Animal Collection

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