New York and Connecticut are ready for AI

New rankings reveal that the Empire and Nutmeg States are ready to take on the AI. Other states? Not really.

While “AI” seems to be on everyone’s lips, gambling site PlayMichigan ranked states as most ready for AI. New York and Connecticut were Nos. 3 and 9, respectively.

According to the site, “new Yorkcommitted more than $400 million to create “Empire AI.” Thiscutting-edge artificial intelligence computing centerIIn upstate New York, seven of the state’s top universities will come together to conduct AI research focused on the public good.

” Governor. Kathy Hochulhas established a policy for the responsible use of AI. She also directed theIT Services Officedevelop guidelines for state agencies to evaluate and use AI systems.

PlayMichigan used a 1-11 ranking system for passed or pending AI laws. States were ranked from 1 to 50 on job searches and postings by AI. Behind California and Massachusetts, New York, which has an AI education policy, comes first in AI legislation, ninth in AI research and third in AI jobs with an average of 3.5. Connecticut, which has no AI education policy, ranks ninth in legislation, sixth in AI research and 23rd in AI jobs for a score of 9.8, behind Washington, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois but tied with Utah. Maryland closed out the top 10.

The worst states of AI? Wyoming, West Virginia, Mississippi, South Dakota and tied for fifth in North Dakota and South Carolina.