Meet the Best Tech Companies for 2024

As artificial intelligence continues to proliferate, the CPA firms that use it are no longer so unique. While before AI was the preserve of the most progressive companies, today even the smallest individual entrepreneur has access to powerful AI solutions in their technology stacks, the rise of generative AI only accelerating this trend. Today, the question is no longer who uses AI or not, but to what extent they use it, what they use it for and to what extent they apply it.

Among those named to this year’s Best Tech Companies rankings are practices that are not simply applying AI to everything they can, but rather have narrowed its uses to specific applications that meet their particular purpose. Like other technological advancements that have impacted the profession, in the best cases, it is the technology that serves the business and not the other way around. Whether used for customer communications or financial statement writing, this year’s top companies are taking a deliberate and intentional approach to AI, somewhere between hype and skepticism.

But the technology is not limited to AI. Another thing we’ve observed is that this year’s top companies have taken significant steps toward integrating disparate solutions to strengthen their automation capabilities and provide a smoother workflow. Many have also strengthened their cybersecurity protocols in the face of increasing cyberattacks against accounting firms. And with this increased focus on using AI in customer service, we’ve also seen some focus on upgrading their customer management systems. Overall, while AI plays a major role in how businesses advance their technology infrastructure, it is far from the only one. These companies take a holistic view of the technology landscape and apply the right solutions exactly where they are needed.

With all this in mind, we inaugurate the 2024 cohort of Accounting todayThe best tech companies. (The full report, including individual company profiles, is available at