Chef de Crêpe is a one-stop shop for breakfast, pastries

YORK, Pa. — Chef de Crêpe is a one-stop shop for anyone with a sweet tooth for breakfast.

Owner and chef Rosina Marie Cheverez opened the creperie and brunch cafe under a tent in 2019. Today, Cheverez works out of her restaurant in Camp Hill.

One of Chef de Crêpe’s most popular offerings is the stuffed croissant yourself. The flaky treats are baked in a French bakery and delivered fresh each morning to the creperie. Two popular stuffed croissant flavors include Homemade Vanilla Custard and Fresh Berries or Homemade Oreo Cream.

These treats are available during the Saturday Stuffed Croissant Series while supplies last. Flavors change every weekend and include seasonal varieties like lemon and blueberry.

“We’re very seasonal, so we also like to experiment with seasonal flavors,” Cheverez said.

Cheverez’s experiments with croissants don’t stop there. She also combines airy pastries with a sweet dessert to make the cookie: a buttery croissant biscuit.

Le Chef de Crêpe will launch a new brunch menu on May 22. To find out, order online or visit the restaurant located at 2017 Market Street in Camp Hill.

Those interested can also follow the delicacies on Instagram.