Feast Unveils New Escape Room Experience Testing Canadians’ Ability to Spot Tax Scams

Feast, in collaboration with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), is proud to present “Spot the Scams: An Escape Room Experience” – an engaging experiential marketing activation aimed at educating Canadians on identifying potential scams.

An extension of the “Be Scam Smart” campaign launched in 2023, “Spot the Scam: An Escape Room Experience” uses the campaign slogan: “Some scams are easy to spot. Some are not. – and transforms it into an engaging and interactive experience, where identifying warning signs and spotting scams becomes an exciting challenge. The intention is to teach Canadians about the types of scams they most commonly encounter through text messages, phone calls and emails, to highlight the importance of vigilance in the digital age.

A giant neon warning sign catches the attention of mall passersby, piqued their curiosity and drawing them into the experience. Once inside, participants are challenged to identify potential scams while navigating real-world scenarios filled with everyday distractions, like responding to an urgent tax-related text message while riding the subway and trying to don’t miss their stop.

“Our goal with Spot the Scams is to make scam awareness engaging and memorable,” said Ante Kovac, creative director at Feast Interactive. “By bringing the campaign message to life in a fun and interactive way, we hope to encourage Canadians to get scammed.” smart and protect yourself.

Since its launch in Ottawa on March 21 at the Saint-Laurent Centre, Spot the Scams has captivated the public and attracted media attention. Now, the activation is expected to travel across Canada, with upcoming stops in Toronto and Vancouver.

Feast chose malls as its primary location for Spot the Scams because of their high foot traffic and diverse demographic appeal. “Mall activations are ideal for interacting with people on a personal level and help us amplify the campaign message by encouraging participants to share their experience on social media and through word of mouth.”

Don’t miss your chance to test your own scamming knowledge when Spot the Scam comes to a city near you.