Stardew Valley fans, you need to see this new farming sim inspired by Studio Ghibli

Stardew Valley fans, you need to see this new farming sim inspired by Studio Ghibli

As someone who has dedicated countless hours to Valley of StarsI found that very few farming simulations were able to relieve the itch in the same way.

Let’s face it: Valley of Stars is truly one of a kind. And while there are plenty of other really great farming games out there, it’s rare that one comes along that really excites me yet.

Well, until today. Take a look at Star Sand Island below.

The first thing you will notice Star Sand Island It’s because it’s magnificent. This is a brand new farming simulation also inspired by studios like Studio Ghibil. Valley of Stars.

Developed and published by Creativision Studio, Star Sand Island bills itself as “a tranquil island farming simulation game that invites you to embark on a quiet pastoral life on your own island.”

A press release states: “Star Sand Island is more than just a game, it’s a journey for the soul. Imagine yourself surrounded by warm sunshine, soft sand, lush meadows, gentle windmills, friendly townspeople, affectionate dolphins, vibrant corals, cozy cabins and lively squirrels.

“This is an island world inspired by the fantasy style of Ghibli, where you can throw off the burdens of reality and enjoy the peace and beauty of your own slice of paradise.”

Release planned for 2025, Star Sand Island promises a vast island to explore, over 40 NPCs to befriend, and a ton of customization options for your character, farm, and home. Basically everything you could want from a farming sim.

I’m already sold on a large scale. Star Sand Island is an absolute feast for the eyes, and if it can balance that visual splendor with true depth and well-written characters, we might just be dealing with one of the most exciting games of 2025. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of it.

Featured Image Credit: Creativision Studio

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