Procon carries out educational action on the “Don’t be silent” protocol

Procon carries out educational action on the “Don’t be silent” protocol

Published on 05/06/2024 at 5:01 p.m.

This Monday (6), Procon de Jundiaí, in partnership with the Region of Campinas, carried out an educational action among the owners of bars and restaurants in the city, on the “Don’t be silent” protocol, launched by the Government of the State, through the State Secretariat for Women’s Policy. The action aims to verify whether establishments are capable of preventing and correctly directing women in the event of violence or harassment.

“We checked if the bars and restaurants were correctly providing the information and displaying it with the guidelines in a visible way, in addition to distributing other graphic materials on the subject,” explains the regional coordinator of the Procon Foundation, Alahyr Júnior .

The action had an educational character and took place in the city’s bars and restaurants.

Violence against women is still very common in our society and only collaboration can alleviate this situation,” comments the director of Procon de Jundiaí, Valéria Tavares.

Another point discussed during the action was the need to carry out the training course, so that owners and employees know the protocol in a didactic, simple and objective way. The courses enable the application of the appropriate service flow to assist victims of harassment, abuse, violence and stalking in the facility.

The protocol was launched in 2023, through Law No. 17,621/2023 and Decree No. 67,856. The protocol poster is available free of charge on the State Government website. It can be printed and displayed at the establishment by the owner.

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