The Havre City Council meeting fills the municipal courtroom with public commenters on the water advisory. – Hi-Line Today

The municipal council of May 6 created a “standing room” situation, while many people came to comment on the water situation in Le Havre.

(Havre) The Havre City Council gathered for its monthly meeting on May 6, with an attendance that filled the municipal courtroom until it was standing for most of the duration.

The reason for most people’s presence was to publicly comment on the ongoing boil water advisory affecting Le Havre, issued on April 18. This advisory suggests that all city water users boil tap water for at least one minute before consuming it.

The city council heard comments from nearly 30 members of the public, some expressing grievances about the water supply, saying they had been made ill or otherwise affected by the water. Others came to the defense of the city’s water plant, saying it was a “perfect storm” of factors causing the problem and that reliance on the water supply should not be not be broken.

Council members will meet again on Thursday, May 9 and again on Monday, May 20 to continue to address this issue.

The next official municipal council of Le Havre will take place on June 3.

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