Are the Saints ready to dominate the NFC South and return to the playoffs?

The New Orleans Saints have not made the playoffs since the 2020 season. Drew Brees was the quarterback that year and Sean Payton was the head coach. With Dennis Allen and Derek Carr now at the helm, a lot has changed. Unfortunately, the level of achievement has also changed.

If the Saints can’t return to the playoffs this year, it’s fair to assume the franchise will undergo another round of changes. The franchise is currently working to avoid that, adding new additions to the roster and coaching staff this offseason. The question is whether the new additions will be enough to make the playoffs.

The easiest path to the playoffs is to win the division. Can the Saints win the NFC South in 2024? Brad Gagnon addressed this in a recent article for Bleacher Report, discussing whether to buy or sell teams looking to end a playoff drought. As for New Orleans, Gagnon argues for the sale.

Gagnon says it makes sense to embrace the idea of ​​New Orleans returning to the playoffs, saying the division is wide open. Plus, considering the Saints have a capable veteran quarterback and a solid defense, it’s easy to imagine them winning the division.

However, Gagnon ultimately decides to sell because he believes New Orleans is the third best team in the NFC South.

“The Falcons have become much stronger in this division, and the Buccaneers remain the three-time defending NFC South champions. The Saints look like a team that is treading water, not getting off the ground. And the quarterback Derek Carr really hasn’t been his best since about 2019 and 2020.”

Brad Gagnon (Bleacher Report)

The hype around the Atlanta Falcons is understandable given that they are a talented team that added Kirk Cousins. However, the Saints finished with the same 9-8 record as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season. There’s not much explanation for the perceived gap between the Bucs and Saints, other than the fact that Tampa Bay exceeded expectations and New Orleans fell short. Either way, all four teams in the division will have to prove it on the field next season, and New Orleans is definitely equipped to come out on top.