50 Cent Speaks Out on Gun Violence in Chicago: ‘It Has to Stop’

50 Cent spoke out against gun violence in the city of Chicago on Monday with an Instagram post, while sharing a report that six people were shot and killed over the weekend. In the caption, he added: “Come on, it has to stop, it’s not a gangster, it’s just madness.” ABC7 Chicago reports that the number of deaths has since risen to seven.

“Imagine what $47 billion could do in a place like Chicago instead of being sent to Ukraine,” one user wrote in the comments. Another directly called out 50 people: “Decades of hip hop music glorifying this activity has consequences. You have influenced an entire generation to act this way and make it seem ‘cool’.” One fan tried a more productive approach: “Brother, that would be powerful for you to help us end this violence in Chicago. I work for the Institute For Nonviolence Chicago as an Outreach Supervisor in Austin. We know that many of these young men will be willing to listen to you.

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50 Cent performs in Chicago

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – SEPTEMBER 16: Rapper 50 Cent performs on stage during “The Final Lap” tour at the United Center on September 16, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Natasha Mustache/Getty Images)

Lil Durk previously addressed concerns about gun violence in his hometown during an interview on MSNBC in November. After former President Donald Trump commented on the situation during a speech, Durk argued that there was “violence everywhere” and that people were targeting Chicago to fit a narrative. “I really don’t pay attention to it, because there’s violence everywhere,” Durk said at the time. “Every city has had its moment with (murder) rates. If you look right now who has the (highest murder rate) right now, I bet it’s not Chicago. That’s why I really don’t comment on that, because every city will have its day (with the murder rate).”

50 Cent speaks out on gun violence

See the 1950s article about gun violence in Chicago above. Be on the lookout for more updates on 50 Cent on HotNewHipHop.

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