Former NFL LB Says Commander QB Jayden Daniels Is ‘Most Pro-Ready’ in Draft

The Washington Commanders made a pick for their immediate and long-term future in the 2024 NFL Draft by taking former Heisman winner and LSU Tigers QB Jayden Daniels with the second overall pick.

There was speculation about who Washington would take with the second pick, although the consensus was that they would take a quarterback after parting ways with former UNC QB Sam Howell. However, for new GM Adam Peters and HC Dan Quinn, the choice was obvious, as Daniels’ talents and leadership qualities made the most sense as they looked to turn around the franchise.

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Monday, via 106.7 The Fan and reporter JP Finlay, Washington D.C. native and former Chargers standout linebacker Shawne Merriman said he thought Daniels was the only quarterback in the draft class who was ready to compete in the NFL right now. .

“I think Jayden Daniels is probably the most pro-ready of the group; Caleb Williams is exciting because he has the hype, the attributes and the crazy big things of what he can do with his legs and his arm, but as far as being ready for the NFL, I think Daniels was the guy,” Merriman said. “The closer we got to the draft, the more people started talking about things that didn’t matter – but this guy who did a lot of film was impeccable in college, tested extremely well in his pro day and combines, and everything else. It’s one of those things where someone tries to drag it, and that happens a lot, but he’s going to come in there and make changes and put them in a better position. first day he will be at center because he is so talented.

Merriman might be right in his opinion since Daniels had major success during his college career. He has a unique skill set that allows him to sit in the pocket and let it rip, but he also understands when to get out of the pocket and use his running ability to make things happen on the field. People like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and even JJ McCarthy are all good quarterbacks, but Daniels goes under the radar when talking about who the cream of the crop will be once the games start being played.

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Daniels has faced some of the best competition at the college level, and there will be a learning curve transitioning to the NFL. However, Daniels has always been up to the task and if brought in well, he should excel in Washington with all the talent around him.

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