Game of Thrones spinoff taps Black Mirror director, who’s the only one worthy enough to erase season 8’s stain

Game of Thrones spinoff taps Black Mirror director, who’s the only one worthy enough to erase season 8’s stain

Game Of Thrones was a phenomenon when it first aired. The HBO series, based on the novels by George RR Martin, will fascinate fans for years, making them fall in love with Westeros (but not its inhabitants). Everything seemed to be going well, until, well… season 8 happened. The fandom, which couldn’t contain its excitement for the series’ climax, was left wanting after the show’s finale aired. HBO knew they made a mistake and they are now taking steps to make things right, including hiring. Black mirror director, Owen Harris.

HBO is doing everything it can to save the Game Of Thrones fandom

Game Of ThronesGame Of Thrones
Season 8 effectively killed the Game of Thrones fanbase l Credit: Wikimedia Commons

HBO knew it would have to take many steps to breathe life back into the fandom that had lost its voice. As part of their grand strategy to revamp the franchise, they’ve come up with a slate of series to exorcise the ghosts of season 8 of Game Of Thrones, once for all.

It can be said with certainty that the House of Dragons has gone a long way to appease these ghosts. Fans are all there to witness the legendary Dance of Dragons unfold on screen. And HBO tries to leave no stone unturned. The upcoming release of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is poised to be another step in that direction, offering something new to fans of Game Of Thrones.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms it will be a breath of fresh air

George RR Martin, creator of Game of ThronesGeorge RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms gives the world created by George RR Martin a glimmer of hope for rebirth l Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The upcoming series, starring Peter Claffey and Dexter Sol Ansell in the lead roles, will take fans on a different journey. The series will explore an aspect of the world of Westeros that fans have not been able to witness. While the two series we’ve already seen take us into two epic sagas, with the fate of the entire kingdom at stake, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is ready to take a different path.

Based on Martin’s short story, Knight of the hedges, the series will tell the story of Ser Duncan the Great, a “naive but courageous young knight” and his squire, Egg, who are traveling to Westeros to take on the challenges the place has to offer.

Owen Harris is ready to lead A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms in a new direction

George RR MartinGeorge RR Martin
The story based on the short story by George RR Martin has the potential to surpass House of Dragons l Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In order to increase the fan experience, HBO went further by bringing in a director who has proven experience with Black mirror, Owen Harris. The 52-year-old will direct the first 3 episodes of the 6-episode first season. And not only that.

Harris has also joined the series as an executive producer, meaning he will be able to oversee the creative direction of the series in the long term. And fans couldn’t be more excited about this inclusion.

It looks like fans are ready to move past the ignominy of Season 8, a stain that HBO Studio believes it has finally erased for good. Only time will tell how the franchise will fare in the years to come. But with the inclusion of Harris, they took a step in the right direction, to bring back the good old days when fans couldn’t contain their excitement at the mere mention of Game Of Thrones.