Are the Knicks, in fact, back and ready to make the Finals?

Are the Knicks, in fact, back and ready to make the Finals?

The Knicks are BACK, BABEEEEEEE!!!!

Or at least that’s what The Kid Mero says.

The Knicks’ senior correspondent was here to spread propaganda in New York on Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Le Batard show with Stugotz.

The first game was a hard-fought battle, as the Knicks rallied to defeat the Pacers, but the arbitration has become part of history and the league admitted crucial punt call was wrong late in the match. What was The Kid Mero’s response to this?

“It’s like that.”

Well ok then. Mero goes on to explain that at any given moment, a fan base is going to complain about the officials. Until we have robots, he says, there will always be a problem. And he’s with Thibs — forget the two-minute report, let’s focus on the 46-minute report!

Dan points out that New York is falling in love with this Knicks team, especially Jalen Brunson, with Stugotz adding that Carmelo Anthony has never been as beloved at the Garden as Jalen Brunson. Mero says New York likes underdogs and Melo was already Melo when he came in the trade from Denver. Meanwhile, Brunson has always been in doubt that maybe he feels like he went out there and out-performed MJ with 40-point performances to shut people up. Not to mention that the atmosphere is IMMACULATE right now at MSG. Starbury, Spree and Starks are all there, there’s a different kind of energy in the garden right now, Mero says.

Even though it looked like TJ McConnell was going to sink the Knicks, Mero wasn’t worried. He knew the Knicks had it. He has a different level of confidence right now (even if Stugotz didn’t share that confidence). Mero admits that Knicks fans are a bit like a rescue dog: nervous and tired of good things. But now they’re living the good life with the support of the Villanova Knicks! Oh, and he has one more thing to say…

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Local time: Nü Bag Eucalyptus Spray

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Big Suey: a guy in Japan eating a sandwich

  • Kid Mero comes by to declare that THE KNICKS ARE F****** BACK. He explains why “energy is love” in New York, the excellence of Jalen Brunson, the play of TJ McConnell and the dunk of Obi Toppin. Next, it’s time to talk about the Florida Panthers and their frustrating Game 1 loss to the Bruins. Who is really the best team? Plus, Ron Magill is here to discuss a huge victory for wildlife conservationists, a domestic zebra surviving in the mountains, the most nervous animal, and a Japanese man eating a sandwich.

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Hour 2: The great debate on the birth of children in 2024

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