NHL playoff controversy: Matt Rempe is an unfair target of referees

NHL playoff controversy: Matt Rempe is an unfair target of referees

Matt Rempe’s unfair treatment by referees, calling him a moron incapable of playing hockey, has reached an extreme point, sparking concern among Rangers fans who believe in his potential and developing skills. In the first match, a crucial moment occurred when Rempe was penalized after being bumped by another player at the opposition goalkeeper, while a more serious infraction by a teammate unfolded with minimal consequences. This biased treatment has been a trend throughout the playoffs, with Rempe consistently penalized for incidents for which he was not at fault. The continued targeting of Rempe by officials hinders his growth and potential as a player, unfairly affecting his performance and reputation on the ice.

In numbers

  • Rempe penalized for incidents where he was not at fault throughout the playoffs
  • Several cases of bias in the arbitration against Rempe

Yes, but

The article presents a one-sided view of Rempe’s abilities and the validity of the penalties he receives, without considering potential perspectives on his playing style or referees’ decisions.

State of play

  • Rempe’s reputation as a jerk affects how officials interact with him during matches
  • Lingering concerns among Rangers fans over Rempe’s treatment on the ice

And after

The next few games will likely demonstrate whether Rempe’s biased treatment persists and how it affects his performance and confidence as a player, potentially influencing his NHL career trajectory.


The unfair targeting and penalization of Matt Rempe by officials raises significant concerns about his development and potential in the NHL, highlighting the need for a fair assessment of his abilities and contributions on the ice.