This high school student was accepted to 27 universities and was offered $4 million in scholarships!

This high school student was accepted to 27 universities and was offered  million in scholarships!

“When hard work pays off, it’s a sweet victory.” This quote perfectly illustrates the educational journey of this American teenager. He was in fact accepted into 27 universities and was offered… 4 million dollars in scholarships!

Jonathan Walker is an American high school student with a strong work ethic. And we can say that this young man knows what he wants in life: to be happy and help others.

His application was accepted by 27 universities

However, he could hardly imagine that his academic career would interest the most prestigious universities in the United States. Indeed, Jonathan was accepted into all 27 universities to which he applied.

Among them are Harvard and Yale, two institutions that are part of the Ivy League, a group of eight private universities with very low admission rates. The 18-year-old high school student also received $4 million in scholarships.

“It’s just crazy to think that I applied to all these universities and got accepted. It’s such a rare thing that happens, I’m so excited about it,” he told ABC News.

He added: “I could see myself at every school on my list. I haven’t applied to any place where I didn’t think I could be happy.

The high school student wants to contribute

Jonathan hasn’t decided on a specific college yet, but he plans to study entrepreneurship and engineering. His passion for science was born when his parents gave him a chemistry set.

This gift allowed him to channel his curiosity: “I realized that I could use engineering to help people,” he told the television channel. Today, the grown boy wants to help disadvantaged communities.

Note that Jonathan has already created a device to improve the daily lives of deaf and visually impaired people: “I have always liked creating devices to help people, so I really want to go further in this area.

One thing is certain: he will meet the challenge brilliantly.

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