Dover considers banning sale of recreational marijuana

DOVER (WJER) (May 7, 2024) – The city could ban recreational marijuana sales, just like New Philadelphia did last month.

Mayor Shane Gunnoe asked council members to consider two ordinances that would “prohibit adult-use cannabis operators” and “commercial cultivation, commercial processing and retail dispensaries” within city limits. The council will discuss this at an upcoming committee meeting.

Gunnoe, at Monday’s council meeting, introduced Empower Tusc members, including coordinator and Republican candidate for state representative Jodi Salvo, who spoke in favor of the ban.

“When you change the norm of your community, it allows availability and access to young people. The more marijuana or cannabis there is in our communities, the more accessible it is to young people.

Empower Tusc President Kerry Metzger said that although the state approved the legalization of recreational marijuana in November, the majority of Tuscarawas and Dover County residents voted against it.

Gunnoe says the city already banned the sale of medical marijuana in 2016. He says the new legislation won’t stop residents from growing marijuana for personal use.

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