Denver Nuggets’ Jamal Murray silent after Game 2 blow: Series at risk

Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray refused to speak to the media following a Game 2 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, leaving without speaking to reporters after displaying unprofessional behavior during the game.

In numbers

  • Murray left the arena without speaking to reporters, a team spokesperson confirmed.
  • He was seen throwing a heat pack and towel onto the field during the game.

Yes, but

Murray’s behavior may have been an isolated incident, and his competitive nature may have contributed to his actions.

State of play

  • The Nuggets now lead 0-2 in the series against the Timberwolves.
  • The next Games 3 and 4 will be hosted in the Twin Cities.

And after

Murray’s conduct and mindset will be crucial in determining the Nuggets’ chances of turning the series around.


Jamal Murray’s actions and attitude after the game raise concerns about his professionalism and impact on the team’s performance, posing a challenge for the Nuggets in upcoming games against a determined Timberwolves.