Boobay Silent Saisie – An update on the comedian’s condition now

How is Boobay now after the silent seizure during a show in Aparri

BOOBAY SILENT INPUT – The comedian suddenly fell to the stage floor during a performance at a town festival in Aparri, Cagayan.

Comedian Boobay or Norman Balbuena in real life recently alarmed many people again with a health problem after a silent seizure during a live show in Aparri, Cagayan. He was there for a variety show as part of the celebration of the 344th Aparri Town Fiesta.

The comedian Boobay
Photo credit: GMA Network

Boobay had Pepita Curtis as a guest in the variety show held in the Aparri public park. They were performing in front of a lot of people when he suddenly fell to the stage floor next to the speaker.

Pepita and two individuals were quick to help Boobay. This isn’t the first time the comedian has had a silent meltdown in front of many people and on camera.

Boobay Silent typing

On April 21, 2024, during his visit to Quick chat with Boy Abunda, Boobay also had a silent meltdown that worried many people, including the show’s host, Tito Boy. He suddenly became unresponsive and stopped with a blank stare that worried everyone on set.

Meanwhile, after a while, the actor came to his senses. According to him, it was an effect of the stroke he had in 2016 and the doctor told him that when it happened, he would come to his senses after a while and so he should be left alone.

According to Boobay, there were also instances where he had silent seizures during recordings. Many celebrities have expressed concerns about his health and GMA-7 even advised Boobay to take a break.

Despite a silent crisis, Boobay was able to finish the show for the 344th Aparri Town’s Fiesta. According to an article on Pep while the Cabinet files were able to reach the comedian, it was the powerful lights that he believes triggered his silent crisis.

According to Boobay, he is fine now and it was just light during the event. He pointed out that he and Pepita still finished the show. He also informed that they were already at the Tuguegarao Airport on their way back to Manila.