Clear message to Bayern: ÖFB fights for Rangnick

Negotiations around Ralf Rangnick continue to accelerate. The 65-year-old has already given a commitment in principle to Bayern. However, the Austrian Football Association does not want to leave its manager without a fight, as ÖFB President Klaus Mitterdorfer emphasized.

Despite ongoing negotiations with Rangnick, an agreement with the Austrian Football Association is still pending. Rangnick is still under contract with the Austrian Football Federation until 2026: “We greatly appreciate the work that Rangnick is doing and would like to see him stay in our team,” explained the president of the federation, Klaus Mitterdorfer, in an interview with the ORF yesterday Sunday. .

Interestingly, according to Mitterdorfer, there are still justified hopes in Austria: “I am in dialogue with the team leader. He has not yet made a final decision. We always try to make him understand that it would be useful to us if he stayed in Austria. We also spoke to him about it today, but the final decision is his.

Mitterdorfer emphasizes that Rangnick’s motivation is not primarily financial, but rather his ability to influence and his connection to the Austrian football community: “I think what is important for a person like Ralf Rangnick, it’s his ability to contribute. In all areas. He realizes how much he inspires the players. How he inspires the Austrian football family,” said the ÖFB president. But he also assumes that “a decision will be made very, very soon”. I think this will happen in the first week of May.

However, there have been no discussions with Bayern yet: “There has not yet been any contact with Bayern Munich and I am not dealing with this issue. Our big goal is to keep Ralf Rangnick here in Austria as a great coach.

The association insists in any case on high transfer fees in the event of Rangnick’s departure. A double-digit transfer fee is reportedly on the table, while Bayern are hoping for a concession. However, the outcome of the discussions between Rangnick and FC Bayern is positive. Ralf Rangnick has reportedly given FC Bayern a clear signal that he is ready to succeed Thomas Tuchel this summer.