The Bills already have an almost unfair disadvantage in the quest for another AFC East title

The Buffalo Bills will learn exactly what their 2024 NFL regular season schedule looks like at some point in May.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a guide to what we know so far about the Bills’ schedule, including my predictions for primetime games, can’t-miss games, strength of schedule, revenge matches and much more.

However, in looking at the strength of the schedule, I found it remarkable that the Bills have a significant disadvantage compared to the other two contenders in the division.

Bills have much busier schedule than Jets, Dolphins in 2024

Although many insist on using last year’s win-loss record to determine the strength of the schedule, things change so quickly in the NFL that it’s always best to use the team’s win total projections. Las Vegas for the upcoming season. Even though the betting world doesn’t do everything right, they are generally very close in the grand scheme of things.

Using this method, popularized by Sharp Football’s Warren Sharp, the Bills’ schedule ranks 23rd in the league (32nd being the toughest). Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have two of the eight easiest schedules in the league! (Jets 4th, Dolphins 8th).