Group filmed taking goslings into shopping center parking lot

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — A strange and disturbing crime caught on camera as a group of people are caught taking goslings from their mothers at a busy shopping center.

These acts were recorded numerous times around Indian Land, including at the Sun Valley Commons shopping center.

3 people were recorded throughout the weekend taking goslings from their mothers and driving away.

“It’s really heartbreaking, honestly, because I know how strong the bonds are between parents,” Jennifer Gordon said.

The videos are particularly difficult for Gordon to watch. She dedicated her life to helping birds and founded the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

“I can hear their distress calls in the video,” Gordon said.

Gordon received three videos from three different people showing the group taking the goslings. In one video, a black truck pulls up as it appears two women are cornering a family of geese.

In another video, the man on the far left of the screen kneels down to catch what appears to be a gosling. Two women to his right then begin walking in the opposite direction, also appearing to lead the goslings away from the parents.

“It just shows a complete disregard for their well-being. When you carry something like this by the leg, it can cause a lot of damage and injury.

Gordon tells me that community members continue to contact her, alerting her of new cases of this group stealing geese in the city.

“I hope their intentions are just to do something nice for them.” That’s what I think. But it’s more likely than not that what’s going to happen is not good,” Gordon said.