Matthew McConaughey’s heartbreaking message to his niece at her Quinceañera

Matthew McConaughey recently celebrated his niece on her 15th birthday/quinceañera, and the pictures are adorable.

Matthew, 54, has shown his support for his brother Rooster’s family, especially his niece, Margarita (“Maggie”). At the party, and captured in the video below, he stood alongside Maggie as she prepared for her celebration. In fact, in one of the clips you can even see him styling her hair.

Mes Lab Studio, a Texas-based studio, shared a series of clips on its TikTok account, including the one below.

Some of the clips showed Matthew giving a speech at the quinceañera and dancing with his niece. You can also see Maggie dancing and singing with her friends. The entire event seemed filled with love, joy and celebration.

Another TikTok posted by the same account highlights Matthew’s contribution to the quinceañera.

“Fifteen, young lady,” he said into the microphone. “What did you say to me twice today?” You are ready… And you will remember this day. If it ever gets difficult, it seems like you have about a thousand people who will be there to support you and remind you.

The video then shows Matthew dancing with Maggie and twirling her beautiful white dress and tiara.

“Keep living, my daughter,” he concluded. “I love you.”

Fans praise Matthew McConaughey, his niece and his family for keeping the Quinceañera tradition alive

According to Brittanya quinceañera is “the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, marking her transition from childhood to womanhood… The quinceanera is both a religious and social event that highlights the importance of family and society in a young woman’s life. It is celebrated in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in Latin American communities in the United States and elsewhere.

It’s best to spend this rite of passage surrounded by loved ones — and fans loved that McConaughey put his niece first. They also praised Margarita and her parents for honoring the tradition.

“So happy and proud of the parents and Maggie,” one person commented. “Bringing our beautiful traditions to life!” God’s blessings on the McConaughey family!

“I love how they continued this tradition and included the legacy of dads too good!!! Cumplanos Feliz! another user added.

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