Coronation Street’s Gary will be trapped in Sarah’s story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass is mortified as his secret catches up with him in Wednesday’s (May 8) episode.

Gary fears for his future with his wife Maria when she discovers his recent cozy conversations with Sarah Barlow.

Last month, Sarah turned to Gary for support after her partner Damon Hay was arrested and jailed, marking the end of their relationship.

Sarah tried to kiss Gary during their emotional heart-to-heart, but was rebuffed by her ex. Both then agreed that Maria should not find out what had happened.

Gary Windass, Sarah Barlow, Coronation StreetGary Windass, Sarah Barlow, Coronation Street


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Most recently, Gary wasn’t there for his stepson Liam when the troubled teen collapsed from a pill overdose. Once again, Gary was busy spending time with Sarah.

During Wednesday’s visit to Weatherfield, Sarah goes to Gary’s flat to see how Liam is doing.

Maria is suspicious when she returns home to find Sarah and Gary looking shifty together. Realizing they are hiding something from her, Maria secretly places a camera aside before leaving.

Gary and Sarah resume their conversation, both still feeling guilty. They think about how Gary could have been there for Liam earlier if he hadn’t been so distracted by Sarah’s problems.

gary windass, maria connor, sarah barlow, coronation streetgary windass, maria connor, sarah barlow, coronation street


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The former couple agree it’s best to keep their distance from now on, especially after Sarah’s ill-judged kiss attempt last month.

Maria watches every word of their conversation through her phone and is furious to realize that Gary betrayed her by keeping secrets.

Mikey North, who plays Gary, recently commented: “He managed to get away with it the first time, but I guess in Soapland you always get caught in the end! Maria is always one step ahead and brings the camera in place, which then leads to Gary and Sarah being caught.

“I actually loved filming that scene because obviously I knew what was going to happen and that we were going to get caught, but the moment when Maria walked in was awesome and even made everyone cringe .”

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