Olivier Rousteing Cuts Tyla’s Met Gala Dress and the Fashion World Shuts Up

Photo: X /@for_tyla

French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing has become synonymous with his dramatic flair and outrageous designs.

Since becoming creative director of Balmain, celebrities around the world have been clamoring to be seen in his designs.

So when South African singer Tyla went wild at the Met Gala wearing an Olivier Rousteing original, fans were amazed at how he transformed the singer into a true work of art.

The sand-inspired dress was an ode to the Costume Institute’s new exhibit, The Sleeping Beauties: the awakening of fashionat the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Taking the The Met Gala Time Garden Keeping in mind the theme, Olivier said in a press release that the dress “featured a sculptural bodice made using a plaster mold and an organza train adorned with three shades of sand mixed with micro studs -crystals for a little depth and sparkle.

People were so impressed that the 22-year-old managed to participate in the Met Gala best dressed list in various publications.

But the shock and horror soon set in, especially for ardent fashion lovers who laughed at videos showing Olivier on his knees cutting the dress into a miniskirt for the afterparty.

Suffice it to say, the couple pulled off the transformation perfectly.

Users on X (formerly Twitter) were less impressed and launched a “how dare he” in the comments section.

“Olivier Rousteing transformed Tyla’s custom Balmain into a mini dress for the Met Gala after party, he destroyed the whole idea of ​​keeping the dress in a museum like a Sleeping Beauty!!,” says exclaimed an X user.

Others praised the designer for his versatile approach, saying Tyla could soon replace Kim Kardashian as his muse.

Words: Fame Frenzy