Netflix viewers shocked by ‘f****d up’ sex scene

All new cherry flavoran American horror series that arrived on Netflix last summer is causing a real storm on social networks this week.

As it landed on the platform on August 14, 2021, TikTok users challenged themselves in recent days to record their “blind reactions” to one of the most bizarre scenes in the series.

The series follows a filmmaker named Lisa (Rosa Salazar), who moves to Hollywood. There, she meets producer-director Lou (Eric Lange), who promises to help her succeed in the world of cinema.

Lou turns out to be a bad guy, so naturally Lisa hires a witch (Catherine Keener) to curse him. But the curse has strange side effects for Lisa, who begins vomiting up newborn kittens. So far, it’s completely normal.

Things come to a head when, in episode four, Lisa receives a mysterious stomach injury that gives birth to another kitten. She invites her new lover, Roy (Jeff Ward), to hook up. In what is described as a sex scene, Roy strokes the space where the kitten came out of, at one point putting his whole hand there.

TikTok users watching the scene were shocked, with one calling it “messed up”. Another joked: “I’m filing a complaint. »

On Twitter, one viewer said they were “stunned”, while a second wrote: “the brand new cherry flavor is ruined”.

All new cherry flavor is available on Netflix.