A boy’s generous decision to give his last dollar to a ‘homeless’ man is everything

In a world often dominated by busy life schedules and social media trends, certain moments manage to remind us of the true empathy that still exists. One such act has won the hearts of viewers online, spreading a wave of positivity among users. To help make the world a better place, a 9-year-old boy recently gave the only dollar he had to a man he thought was homeless.

Kelvin Ellis Jr is from the United States. Last month, his paths crossed with a businessman who was standing outside a coffee shop in Louisiana. Looking disheveled, the man was in his usual pajamas and had his eyes closed. When the man opened his eyes, he found the boy standing in front of him with his fist clenched. Offering the man everything he had, Kelvin said: “I always wanted to help a homeless person and I finally had the opportunity.”

It turns out that the man who received this generous offering was not homeless. His name was Matt Busbice and he owned a local sporting goods store instead. He owned several outdoor businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars in his name that he used to buy and sell as part of his business.

A report from the New York Post suggests that Matt had rushed out of his apartment after hearing a fire alarm when he encountered the child. Matt told the portal that he stopped for his morning prayer while standing outside his apartment building. He said: “And I started to slowly open my eyes, and there’s a kid coming towards me, about my height.”

The 9-year-old even revealed to the man that he earned the only dollar he had by getting good grades. Touched by the young boy’s gesture, Matt offered him a snack and even invited him to a shopping trip to his sporting goods store after contacting his father. He offered 40 seconds allowing him to pick up anything in the store of his choice, including a new bike.

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