Manson’s Save, MacKinnon Doesn’t Think About Hart

This game was about to get out of hand for the Colorado Avalanche. With the Stars already leading 3-0, they had a power play and a chance to really take control of the game.

A long sequence from Alexandar Georgiev and quick thinking from Josh Manson didn’t allow that to happen.

Just like he did two years ago against the St. Louis Blues, Josh Manson saved the day for the Avalanche, stopping a puck from crossing the goal line with less than 10 seconds remaining in the game. play in the first half. The Avalanche managed to get into the intermission and recover, and the rest was history. Cale Makar spoke about the play after the game.

Nathan MacKinnon was dangerous again, scoring the tying goal in the third period, and was asked about his Hart Trophy nomination after the game. As you might expect, he’s not thinking about it at the moment.

Look at the availability of MacKinnon, as well as the availability of Casey Mittelstadt and Alexandar Georgiev. Also read some of the thoughts from Makar, Miles Wood and Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar.

Avalanche attacker Nathan MacKinnon

MacKinnon on being nominated for the Hart Trophy

“I do not even think about it. I’m so invested in this playoff race. Obviously, I appreciate everyone voting for me. But yeah, I’m really trying to win (a Stanley Cup) here with the boys.

Casey Mittelstadt

Alexander Georgiev

Miles Wood on the overtime winner:

“(Andrew Cogliano) made a great play. He passed it into the neutral zone and skated on it. I’m happy the puck crossed the goal line. The best part was celebrating with my teammates. That’s the whole story.”

Makar on stopping Josh Manson at the end of the first:

“You never want to give up opportunities where you need guys to make big saves like that, and (Alexander Georgiev) has been huge for us on several occasions as well. Manson is playing very well and made a huge defensive play.

Makar on the Avalanche’s ability to come back and win games:

“It’s not an ideal situation when we’re playing with three goals, but it was a closer game at that point than the score indicated. A few goals escaped us and one escaped my stick. At the end of the day, it’s playoff hockey, and there’s just no giving up. If you watch that match, I feel like as a group we stuck with it, tweaked it and found a way to win it.

Bednar on the game as a whole:

“It just took us a little while to get to our game tonight. (The Stars) took advantage of their opportunities in the first period and we took advantage of some opportunities in the second and third. (The Stars) came back in overtime and put us on top, but (Georgiev) made good saves throughout the game. We limited some scoring chances pretty well in the middle of the game, but the chances we gave up were good. I didn’t like the chances we gave up. There weren’t many. I thought it was pretty tight control for both teams for most of the match. But (the Stars) took advantage early and we took over by taking care of our chances in the middle of the game. That’s part of it, the only score that matters is the one at the end of the evening. You have to play the full 60 and sometimes it doesn’t work.

“There were some things we needed to improve on, so we addressed that first. We were disorganized upon arrival in zone D for the first goal. We were everywhere, the point is open and several guys are going there. (The Stars) executed it and filmed it through the screen, so it’s our fault. Good faceoff play and it hits our guy. I think (Georgiev) makes that save, but then he hits a stick and changes direction to go over us, and there’s no real chance. They play a game, they have to balance it, draw a match. It was well executed by (the Stars). We also had a few rebounds. We had good chances. I felt like the game started to come for us a little late in the first half and then in the second half we started to do more of what we would like to see and simplify our game a little bit. (the Stars) were more competitive in the first period and our lack of discipline didn’t help. But we bounced back well in the second half and started to get ready.