I will not pay for my child’s wedding because it will not meet my conditions

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A parent writing on Reddit is letting others know that they will only pay for their children’s weddings if certain conditions are met – and now the youngest parent has balked at the conditions, so the payment is being canceled.

The parent’s article (irrespective of gender) has attracted nearly 4,000 reactions to date, and more than 1,300 people have already commented on it just hours after its publication.

The parent asked others on the social media platform: “AITA for paying for my eldest’s dream wedding but not my youngest’s because she won’t (fulfill) both my conditions?”

The user named “Hot-Explanation9228” wrote Tuesday on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the Asshole”), “I’m willing to pay for all of my kids’ weddings if they respect two conditions.

The conditions, the person said, are that “the venue must be wheelchair friendly.” (And) they must invite all (members) of the family, unless (there is) an extreme reason. Everything else is fine and I will finance the wedding.

However, the parent now faces a problem – or rather, it is the daughter who is to be married who has the problem.

“It’s absolutely fair if you don’t pay.” It’s also completely fair that she chooses this place and pays for it herself. Would you be understanding? » Getty Images

“My oldest’s wedding cost about $40,000 and I (paid) for all of that,” the relative wrote.

Now, the parent continues, “my youngest is planning her wedding and I explained the terms to her when she got engaged.”

The Reddit author continued: “Last week she informed me that she had found her venue and was asking for the deposit for it. The location is in the mountains and is not suitable for wheelchairs.

The parent continued: “The paths are dirt, the doors aren’t big enough, (there are) a ton of stairs. I contacted the place, and they have almost nothing for (people with disabilities).

So, said the parent, knowing all this, “I informed my daughter today that I will not pay since the location does not meet the first condition. That’s where the argument started.

The relative wrote: “She thinks I’m a jerk and playing favorites. I reminded her that there were conditions for me to pay, and she did not respect them.

The parent added in an edit to the post: “To clarify, we have several family members who use wheelchairs. (Thus, the) wheelchair rule.

Fox News Digital has reached out to the Reddit poster for further comment and updates.

“The location (of the wedding) is in the mountains and is not wheelchair friendly,” one parent wrote on Reddit about a wedding planned by one of the children. Getty Images

In the meantime, many writers have addressed the situation.

“It’s quite obvious that someone needs to have access to it.” Are you just ablists? ” wrote a comment in the most “upvoted” comment on the post.

Another person wrote in a comment: “It’s totally fair if you don’t pay. It’s also completely fair that she chooses this place and pays for it herself. Would you be understanding? »

The original poster responded to this comment: “That’s good, it saves me money actually.” I simply won’t fund something that excludes family.

One of the conditions is that the venue is fully accessible to people in wheelchairs. Getty Images

The same parent – ​​the original poster – added: “I will not fund any part of a wedding that excludes people. »

Another commenter asked the original poster a series of questions:

  • “Did you ask him what his plan was for the family who couldn’t attend due to lack of accessibility?
  • “Did she plan to skip rule 2 and not invite these people?
  • “Was she hoping they wouldn’t come once they found out where the place was?”
  • “Isn’t she close to these people and therefore doesn’t care if they come?”
  • “Why does she think you’re playing favorites if these rules apply to her siblings and weren’t broken for them?” Doesn’t she know that her brother played by the rules and that’s why their wedding was paid for? »

The original poster replied: “She didn’t have an answer…”

Another person wrote in response to the original post: “It seems like you have been extremely clear with your terms, and your daughter has decided not to follow them… You don’t play favorites.” At worst, I would say that we put conditions on a gift, but given its generosity and the conditions which are nothing extraordinary, there is nothing to complain about.

The same commenter added: “On the other hand, I think your daughter is extremely disrespectful. I can understand if she had a problem with the second condition, because sometimes you don’t want people you’ve only spoken to once or twice in your life at your wedding. But the problem lies in the first condition.

“It seems like she’s trying to exclude people with disabilities.” It’s really disgusting.

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