Disney+, Hulu and Max will offer a subscription streaming package

In a statement, President of Direct-to-Consumer for Disney, Joe Earley, said:

“Following the highly successful launch of Hulu on Disney+, this new package with Max will offer subscribers even more choice and value. This incredible new partnership puts subscribers first, giving them access to blockbuster movies, originals, and three massive libraries featuring the best brands and entertainment streaming today. »

It’s true that the consolidation of Disney+, Hulu and Max will offer a substantial media catalog, which should help Warner and Disney navigate the notoriously difficult streaming market. If we can consolidate three services into one subscription, it could help alleviate the pain many of us feel when searching for a movie only to discover it’s not on any of the dozens of subscription services for which we pay. That, and streaming has been a very difficult market for studios, who have had to constantly battle the ever-present problem of “churn” – a term that basically refers to the number of users who cancel their subscriptions each month. A set like this should go a long way in overcoming this particular challenge.

Of course, much of this will depend on how competitively priced the new package is, but it’s an intriguing prospect – not to mention an important moment in the streaming era, marking as it does the first major streaming partnership between studios . Still, it’s hard not to notice the way these streaming services are slowly morphing into what is essentially cable, with commercials and now multiple platforms (i.e. channels) offered in the as part of a monthly subscription. After years of demolishing what came before it, new media is becoming old media again, and this is just another reminder of that fact.