The shock of Pretty Little Liars! The male actors did more than the girls!

A new pretty Little Liars a crime has just been revealed… But it took place behind the scenes!

In Monday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars: True Crime podcast, star Sasha Pieterse opened with a shocking income inequality when it comes to the checks cast members receive… Based on Gender! After Tammin Sursok When asked if the guys on the show were paid more, Sasha confirmed it:

“It’s an unfair thing – it’s unfair and not unfair. I don’t think they earned more in total, but per episode.

Uh, WHAT?? How can this POSSIBLY be justified?! Even when you speak per episode pay, we can’t imagine a male actor earning more than female stars!

The only reason there was a show was because of the main cast, which included Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Sacha. Girls were the whole show!!! Seriously, can you even name a male actor from the show off the top of your head?

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Sasha noted that during the fourth or fifth season, the girls went to Free form together to try to negotiate salary increases – because while it may seem based on the popularity of the show, they all won the lottery, when you factor in management fees, publicist fees, taxes, etc., you only get about 30% of your gross income. pay, as Tammin pointed out. That’s still a lot of money… in theory. And it’s definitely better on some shows. But Sasha added:

“It’s one of those things where it’s difficult. You watch a show like pretty Little Liars and how successful it was worldwide, and then you compare it to shows where you know they make more money for what they do. Either the same success or less success, and you say to yourself that they earn, I’m not even kidding, 20 times, sometimes, more than what we earned. And we’re doing more episodes, so we’re spending more time on set, not being able to do anything else.

It’s WILD.

She noted that she now receives residuals from Freeform and Max, but never received a check from Netflix. Like many other actors… Phew! Hence this big strike last year! Maybe that will change things? Gender pay inequality, well, that’s a bigger fish to fry…

Did you know, Perezcious readers?? Shocking, right?

(Images via Pretty Little Liars: True Crime/YouTube and Freeform/Hulu)