Ric Flair breaks his silence after a WWE icon nearly fought a pizza restaurant manager in front of employees.

  • Ric Flair challenged the manager to a fight before a bystander threatened him
  • The next day, the 75-year-old admitted he was wrong for losing his temper.
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Ric Flair broke his silence the next day after nearly getting into a fight with a pizzeria manager in Gainsville, Florida.

On Tuesday, the 75-year-old WWE icon was filmed in a heated verbal exchange with a manager at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza. The three-minute clip released by TMZ showed Flair calling the manager an “asshole” and calling him a “dip***” in front of his employees.

The next morning, Nature Boy joined The MJ Morning Show on Q105 and explained how his emotions got the better of him during the incident.

“It just escalated and I was wrong to get angry, but I kind of felt like I was defending my position,” Flair said.

“I was wrong to lose my temper,” he added. “When I feel like I’m put in a place where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything falls apart, I feel overwhelmed.”

WWE legend Ric Flair has broken his silence after nearly getting into a fight with a pizzeria manager.

Flair called the manager an “asshole” and a “dip***” in front of employees during the exchange.

As the altercation escalated, a customer sitting at the bar came to the manager’s aid, physically threatening Flair.

“Come outside and talk to me like a man,” Flair told the manager before another man interrupted him and said, “Hey, do you want to go talk to me in the parking lot?” Because I don’t work here. I do not care.’

“What did you tell me?” What did you tell me? Flair responded after the bystander defended the manager, who did his best to remain calm amid the verbal assault.

Although the incident thankfully didn’t escalate, Flair took to Instagram and trashed the establishment after his experience.

“I spent $1,500 on (Piesano) disrespecting me more than I ever have in my life,” Flair wrote. “After taking 20 photos with customers and staff, I was asked to leave because of an issue with the head chef taking too long in the bathroom.”

“I highly recommend anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing time in Gainesville at a nice restaurant to never visit this place! WOOOO!’

After the incident, Flair took to Instagram to express his feelings about his experience.
On Wednesday, Flair admitted to ordering more food from Piesanos after the incident.

However, a chilled version of Nature Boy walked back his statement on Wednesday, saying: “I was wrong to get upset. I probably should have walked through the door, but it caught me off guard because we were having a wonderful time.

“Then all of a sudden, someone in their kitchen said I did something wrong in the bathroom, and there was no one there except him and me.”

Additionally, Flair admitted to ordering more food from Piesanos hours after getting into the heated argument.

“I ordered takeout from Piesaons at 6, and they delivered it,” Flair said. “I ordered (via) UberEats. In fact, they eat very well.

“I’ve never, in my entire life, had an experience like this, isn’t it funny?” Flair reflected. “Because of something that happened in the bathroom that no one would know about.”